About Saadri

We offer the course to children at no cost, to ensure that they can take advantage of the program.

Saadri is one of the newest initiatives of Wings of Change, a non-profit organization located in Nosy Be, Madagascar. Under the umbrella of Wings of Change, Saadri aims to teach English to children in the villages from 3 years old to 15 years old and train them to become fully bilingual at the age of 15.

Saadri takes place in the villages and brings all the community children together along with their mother. We provide the opportunity to children to learn English and experience cultural exchanges with foreigners, whom they would never encounter otherwise. We offer the course to children and their mothers at no cost, to ensure that they can take advantage of the program.

We believe that teaching English to children can be a highly rewarding experience as it provides the opportunity of watching them develop the language, confidence and social skills. We understand that instructions in life unfold through languages – written and spoken – and children learning to read and write is fundamental to learning all academic and relevant matters in life. Having the ability to read and write English makes a valuable difference to the children within this community as it gives them the chance to apply for higher paid jobs in the future, substantially improving their standard of living as well as their families’.

Introducing Yourself in English

3 weeks through the program and our students are already conversing in English.

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